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Best Japanese Restaurant in Chino Hills.

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Monday – Saturday: 11:30 am – 8:30 pm
Sunday: Closed

Customer Reviews

“This is probably the best sushi place I have ever been to, I tell you this because they have big selection of sushi, with good quality seafood as well as awesome music playing in the restaurant. Sushi roll land cannot be compared with any other sushi place because of their unbeatable price! Im usually here maybe once or twice a week from dining in or getting food to go, my family loves it. Would definitely recommend 100% if someone ask where to go for ayce sushi or sushi to go!”

Justine Y.

“5 stars for the simple fact they have an awesome to go special!

I'm not sure if I'd come here for their AYCE since the menu was kind of small in my opinion.

Service was good, the guy that took our order was super nice and helpful.

All being said, I would def recommend giving this place a shot.”

Crystal G.

“They recently opened in the Costco shopping center and right next door to 85C. We went here after Costco and BevMo shopping. We love this place! Our new favorite sushi spot. We normally go to tomo 7 but since coming here we will now make this our sushi spot. It's very affordable for single orders per piece. You don't have to order the 2 piece sushi, you can order by a single piece so you can try more things. We had a few people with us who had already eaten here before and said they really liked it so we went ahead and tried the all you can eat option to try everything on the menu.

The reason I like this place so much better is because they don't drown the sushi with a lot of sauce. The fish taste fresh and the rice was perfection. They don't try to hide the taste of the fish and have a lot of options like oysters, quail egg shooters, sweet shrimp, blue fin tuna, takoyaki, yakitori, and shrimp tempura! Service was solid! Kept our drinks full and all our orders came out fast.”

Diana B.

“All you can eat sushi . Sushi was pretty fresh. When you order you get one piece at a time. You can ask for easy on the rice. They have extra items like kalbi & bulgogi beef, udon, tempura, etc. It's a sod opening so they Gave 20% off which was totally worth it. They also have pretty good deals for Togo orders. Just be prepared to feel like your in a club because they play pretty loud music. We enjoyed the music but if it's not your style you may get irritated lol. Price also comes with drink & ice cream. Wish they would add mochi ice cream instead lol.

Met the manager Sam and he was very nice. Their special for August Lunch price all day even for dinner!!! So worth it! Love this place & they lowered the music so I can here myself

Omg I love this place! No lie! James the main server guy hooks us up!!! Really great August special!”

Vicki D.


12959 Peyton Dr Ste B
Chino Hills, CA 91709

Phone: +1 909-628-4700
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Mon~Sat: 11:00 am – 8:30 pm
Sun: 12:00 am – 6:00 pm